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CHOICES is a dropout prevention/fiscal literacy workshop which takes students through the process of making good decisions, helping them with financial management and assisting them in setting some realistic life goals; all while showing them the impact of their CHOICES on school, life and family. The ultimate objective is for the students to make the CHOICE to stay in school, graduate and go on to obtain higher education.  


Volunteers deliver the CHOICES curriculum in the classroom in 2 sessions; making your overall time commitment just a couple of hours. This is a winning situation for all involved!

Topics covered: 


FAQ for Volunteers

What will I say to teens?

Your “script” so to speak is our curriculum. Everything and we mean EVERYTHING is laid out for you. You will not run out of things to say. We promise!
How much time will all of this take?

We know you lead busy lives and want to make things as easy and convenient for you as possible, so we choose locations that are centrally located for you. We also work with the schools/teachers to set up times that are within your schedule. Additionally, the program can be delivered in 2 classroom periods which are just under an hour each. So in just a couple hours you will have impacted the lives of numerous teens.
Once I’m done delivering the complete CHOICES program what’s next?

Well that will end your volunteer commitment for CHOICES – see we really meant it when we said only a couple of hours of your time! HOWEVER, we really hope you catch the CHOICES bug and want to sign up for encore presentations – see that’s are artistic side coming out!
Plus CAAIRE has numerous other Volunteer opportunities available year round. We hope that you will remain a part of the CAAIRE team either delivering CHOICES, working with us on our YouthFit initiatives or helping us with our community service food drives. See there is always some way for you to stay connected.

How much will this cost?

Nothing out of pocket. Just your time (which we know is quite valuable). So please consider investing a couple hours in helping teens make great CHOICES. The positive impact will be priceless.
How do I register to become a Volunteer?

Each county school district has its own name and registration procedures. For example, Orange County has the ADDitions School Volunteer program and Osceola County has the OASIS Volunteer program. We recommend that you at least sign up for our two major county service areas which are Orange and Osceola Counties, although other county links can be provided to you.

We Need Your Support Today!

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