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YouthFit is a health/fitness initiative through our nonprofit youth development organization CAAIRE. CAAIRE’s mission is to assist our youth in obtaining higher education through sports, arts and education. YouthFit is an important solution to the sedentary lifestyle which is plaguing our youth due to the increased use of technology and video games. By offering fitness in a fun and engaging manner; our youth see the benefits in better academic performance, improved behavior and attendance in school. Moreover physically fit youth see a positive increase in their self-esteem. 

YouthFit is a fun and interactive one-day workshop which engages and educates youth towards establishing healthy lifestyles, by making informed nutritional choices and identifying ways to stay active through sports or other activities. YouthFit is a program which helps to fight childhood obesity by demonstrating better alternatives for our participants, in terms of their food and exercise choices. Additionally, we provide doctors to perform health and vision screenings. There are no costs to the hundreds of participants or their families.

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