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#iServe #NoRecognitionRequired is a CAAIRE Community Service Initiative. It is founded on the belief that young people are able to deliver community services and/or random acts of kindness without regard to being recognized or rewarded for their efforts. We are a proponent of ensuring that the reason that our volunteers are performing the service is well intended to serve others, in a purely selfless manner. 

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Our students are guided through their commitment to serve in a way which is impactful, enlightening and heartfelt. We want our youth to be committed to caring for others in a giving nature and with a pure heart to give of themselves - without regard for the incentives, rewards or recognition they may receive. This premise is what guides many of our service projects including Stop, Shop & Drop which is our commitment to food drives. We have had the privilege to gather over 33,000 pounds of food which has been donated to multiple community organizations within the central Florida area. 

Currently we are partnered with local schools, businesses and other community organizations in order to perform on-site service projects which allow our students to gain community service hours. Whether it be planting a garden, designing some artwork, or making some items with handwritten notes for our local first responders and those in a nursing home; our youth are able to be generous and philanthropic. There are no limits to the number of hours/projects that a student is able to participate, making this an opportunity for our youth to start early and embrace their unique power to GIVE! 

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